Aircast Sp-Walker® Boot 

Traditional splints and casts for the foot and ankle protect the injury by preventing movement at the joints. But many injuries heal better and faster if the injured joint can be moved, but be protected at the same time. This is the reason for using an Aircast Walker boot.

This is a short boot that supports and protects to the foot and ankle while allowing you to walk. It has padded air cells that provide compression and help circulation. It is used for both foot and ankle injuries—both sprains and minor fractures.

Ankle and foot sprains can take 4 to 6 weeks or longer to heal. People with severe injuries or those over age 60 may need more time to heal. During that time, you are prone to re-injury by suddenly twisting your foot or ankle again while the ligaments are still weak.

When treating a sprain, wear the Aircast Walker boot whenever walking for at least 4 weeks, or as long as you continue to have ankle pain.

Talk with your healthcare provider for specific advice about the treatment of your condition.

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