T.E.D. Stockings 

T.E.D. stockings are used to help stop blood clots from forming in the deep veins of your legs. T.E.D. stands for thrombo-embolic deterrent hose. They help prevent blood clots if you are immobile, such as you might be after certain types of surgeries. They look like support hose. But they are specially designed to put more pressure on your foot and ankle and less pressure at the upper end of the stocking. This keeps blood from pooling in your lower legs. .

When blood flow slows down, clots can form. The pressure from T.E.D. stockings helps blood flow in the deep leg veins. This reduces risk for clots when you also take anti-coagulation medicine.

It's important that you have the correct size of the T.E.D. stockings for them to work. Your doctor or nurse will give you the size you need. If you are having trouble putting your stockings on by yourself, ask your doctor or supply store about using a "sock aid." 

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