Pain Management: Chronic

You have a painful condition that has required frequent use of opioid pain medicine. We want you to get the best possible care for your problem. So you must have a personal healthcare provider who can supervise a treatment plan for you.

You may contact one of the providers whose name you were given. Or you may find a personal provider on your own.

If your provider finds that you need pain medicine on an emergency basis, he or she should give you a pain contract. This is a letter from your provider that describes what pain medicine you may have, how much, and how often. You sign it, agreeing to the terms of the treatment plan. Bring this with you each time you come here. It will allow you to get the correct treatment with little delay.


In the future, you won't be able to receive opioid pain medicine here without a pain contract or phone approval from your personal healthcare provider.

Your provider must update your pain contract often. If it's not current, we may not accept it. A pain contract does not guarantee that you'll get the medicines you request. The provider treating you has the right to withhold medicines if he or she thinks that it is advisable. 

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