Nasal Packing, Dissolving

A nasal packing was placed in the front part of your nose (anterior) to control bleeding. This packing is made of a substance that helps your blood clot. It will soften and mix with the clot. It will melt, be absorbed, or fall out after a few days.

Home care

Follow these guidelines when caring for yourself at home:

  • Don't pull on the packing or try to remove it yourself during the first 3 days, unless your healthcare provider tells you to.

  • Don't drink alcohol or hot liquids while the packing is in place. These can dilate blood vessels in your nose and cause bleeding to start again.

  • Keep any appointments for packing removal. If you were asked to remove the packing at home, gently blow your nose to dislodge the pack.

  • If the packing stays in place blocking the nasal passage for more than 3 days you may get a sinus infection. If you can't breathe through that nostril after 3 days, contact your healthcare provider.

  • Take any antibiotics that were prescribed until you have finished them.

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