Diet for Vomiting (Child)

The first step to treat vomiting and prevent dehydration is to give small amounts of fluids often.

  • Start with oral rehydration solution. You can get this at drugstores and most groceries without a prescription. Give 1 to 2 teaspoons (5 ml to10 ml) every 1 to 2 minutes. Even if vomiting occurs, keep giving it as directed. Even while vomiting, your child will absorb most of the fluid.

  • As your child vomits less, give larger amounts of rehydration solution at longer intervals. Do this until your child is making urine and is no longer thirsty (has no interest in drinking). Don't give your child plain water, milk, formula, or other liquids until vomiting stops.

  • If frequent vomiting continues for more than 2 hours despite the above method, call your child's healthcare provider. He or she may prescribe a medicine that can make the vomiting stop.

Note: Your child may be thirsty and want to drink faster, but if vomiting, give fluids only as directed above. The idea is not to fill the stomach with each feeding. This can cause more vomiting.

The following guidelines will help you continue to care for your child:

  • After 12 to 24 hours with no vomiting, resume solid foods. This includes rice cereal, other cereals, oatmeal, bread, noodles, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, rice, applesauce, dry toast, crackers, soups with rice or noodles, and cooked vegetables. Give as much fluid as your child wants.

  • After 24 hours with no vomiting, resume a normal diet.

When to call your healthcare provider

Call your child's healthcare provider right away if:

  • Your child complains of severe abdominal pain

  • Your child has a severe headache

  • If the vomit becomes bloody or bright yellow or green

  • If you are worried your child is dehydrated

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